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2020 Real Estate Trends: Is It a Good Time To Buy or Sell?
Some of the first things we look at when determining a favorable seller’s and buyer’s market are employment, income, and consumer confidence levels. Those 3 points combined with current rates and loan programs give us an excellent sense of how big the opportunity is for...
Mortgage prediction for 2020: a 30-year fixed at 2.875% without points
Bet on real estate in 2020, says my crystal ball. 1) The Freddie Mac 30-year fixed rate will average 3.4%, about one-half point lower than 2019. Why? Equilibrium. Approximately 30% of global bonds are negative (bank pays you to borrow mortgage money and you pay the bank for the privilege of...
Saving For A Downpayment: Where To Keep Your Nest Egg
Saving for a downpayment is one of the first steps to buying a home --apart from getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. Starting your savings also requires quite a bit of commitment. It takes discipline to forgo that weekend getaway with friends or reduce everyday purchases like your usual...
Will new granny flat laws ruin nice neighborhoods?
New state laws ease the construction of backyard dwellings and garage apartments, but curb single-family zoning protections. Enacting new rules for granny flats was certainly a brilliant legislative move. Or, was it? Most stakeholders will likely experience an upside from the new...
What Are Mortgage Points and Are They Worth It?
Mortgage points, sometimes called discount points, are fees that you pay in exchange for a lower interest rate. The common reason that people "buy down the rate" is that the lower interest rate may lower their monthly mortgage payment. Calculating the cost of a point is fairly simple. One...
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Website May Lead to Fairer Loans
"It's a noble proposition; getting folks a square deal on a mortgage using the ubiquity of the internet." -Jonathan Lansner, Business Columnist

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